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Just Finished On Kickstarter! Over 1,107 People Pre-ordered This Product!
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What Others Are Saying
"Crowdfunding Transformed My Idea Into A Profitable Business"
 It's been amazing what happened in the last 60 days after crowdfunding! 

I will admit, I had no clue what I was getting into with crowdfunding and had no idea what I would raise from it... You definitely exceeded all my expectations! 

My wife and two kids thank you for helping me turn my struggling business idea into a profitable and life changing opportunity."

-Tim M. $83K In Pre-Orders In 60 Days!
"From $0 To $180,000+ And Growing Strong!"
 You guys were awesome in helping to make our Ultimate Belt project on Kickstarter a BIG Success! 

We felt grateful for their help. And as a bonus, they were really cool to work and made the process easy. 

We would definitely recommend them and will use them again for our next project."

-KORE Team, 180K+ Dollars Raised!
“We Tripled Our Funding Goal In 35 Days!”
 During our first 15 days of the Kickstarter campaign, my business got more exposure, interest, and capital investment than anything I tried myself in the 2.5 years prior.

Its amazing how you can go from unknown to going viral if you have the right help behind you. We not only got funded but we tripled our funding goal in 35 days!

6 months later and we're now well on target to hit the $1 million revenue mark for our business during the next year. With all the momentum we got from our crowdfunding campaign I’m certain we’ll grow our brand even more and be well on our way to a self-sustaining business that can run without us!”

-David S. $122K In Pre-Orders In 35 Days!
"Learning To Engineer AND Launch My Own Products Rather Than Design For Others Has Been A Huge Game-Changer"
 As an engineer it was always my dream to design and launch my own products. The problem was I didn't know how to do the marketing and other necessary roles in the business. 

Crowdfunding gave me a system to launch my product ideas (which I have many!) and a trusted partner to help manage the marketing for me. 

This has completely changed the way I value my skills and I believe it will prove to be the single best decision I made in my professional career."

-Jason M. $108K In Pre-Orders In 30 Days!
“You Helped Us Enter The US Market & Make A Big Splash For Our Product”
 Before crowdfunding we were unable to enter the US market and get any interest from customers. We tried to sell online and would get two, maybe three sales each week at most. We did not give up. Instead we looked to crowdfunding and a marketing partner to help.

Long story short, we sold over 350 units the first month and have gained considerable traction amongst US consumers.  Our most recent crowdfunding campaign generated over $175,000 in funding and major online buzz for our company."

-Ben D. $175K In Pre-Orders In 30 Days!
"My Dad Said Get A Job Or Crowdfund My Business Idea... I Chose Crowdfunding!"
 Thank you for taking a chance on me and partnering to launch my product! I could not have finished the product or manufacturing without the crowdfunding raise. 

I haven't even graduated High School yet but I'm proud to say that I already have a profitable business and an invention that I can put my name on. My confidence in myself has never been so high."

I am grateful not only for the new business we created from this, but for the new perception I have on my future. I can't wait to work on future products together and go bigger and bigger on the next ones. Thank you!"

-Benji M. Raised A Quick $25K To Manufacture His First Product Idea!
“Crowdfunding Shifted Our Entire Business Strategy"
 Over the first 15 years in business (we’ll call this the “Pre-Crowdfunding” years), my business partners and I would design products and source them from overseas on our own dime. 

So like most people we got the product in our warehouse, and then we hoped it would sell.

Once we had the right help, I learned how to create a "demand-based business" where you can actually get crowdfund "backers" to pre-order your product. Using the money from the crowd, instead of risking your own money on buying inventory is now our #1 rule.

We are now in a position to push ourselves, try new things, and not have to take huge risks that could kill the company. We're thankful that we were shown the way. We will continue to do you proud and follow the crowdfunding model of launching our products!”

-Robert C. Over $500K In Pre-Orders On His Last 2 Projects!
" The next million dollar campaigns are coming out of your office. "
-Senior VP,
Just Finished On Kickstarter! Over 1,107 People Pre-ordered This Product! >>>
The Mugo Touch is a unique pair of wireless earbuds with unparalleled sound quality and a smart-touch volume control. The project is already over 650% OVER FUNDED and counting! Live on Kickstarter right now! Click here
"Amazing ROI On My Investment"
 We couldn't have done this without you guys... 

From the video to the crowdfund marketing... Having your expertise throughout the entire process was critical to our success... 

I wish I could hire you everyday!"

-Bob & Tom, 236K+ Dollars Raised On Kickstarter!
Real People, Getting Real Results, Really Fast.
We got Ron on Trend Hunter, Product Hunt and Digital Trends, and his project raised over $250,000.

We continue to work with Cindy and many other clients even AFTER a successful crowdfunding campaign to keep driving sales to e-commerce websites.
" InventureX is one of the world’s only seven-figure crowdfund marketing agencies"
-Forbes feature, published September 2018
InventureX - Quick Facts:
  •  Our team has helped raise millions of dollars on crowdfunding platforms.
  •   InventureX averages an 86%* success rate for clients raising funds - see below.
  • Since 2012, and the team has helped over 350 clients successfully launch and raise funding.
  •  We're the most positively endorsed crowdfunding agency on the web!
  •  Passionate 15 person team (+2 furry friends!) with offices located in Los Angeles, CA.
  •  Experienced with successful 5- figure, 6-figure, and 7-figure crowdfunding launches.
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