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The rates for our Full Campaign Launch Service are:
Startup Costs + % of Funds Raised*
*Services Start at $5000 & Up + 10% of the funds we raise you.
The exact marketing budget you need will depend on your crowdfunding goals. A larger funding goal will require a larger marketing budget, a smaller funding goal will require a smaller marketing budget. Book a call below to learn more.
The InventureX Process:
Here’s our high-level process to get your product exposure to the right audience, go viral, and get funded.
#1) Building Interest System:
  • Pre-launch Marketing Strategy
  •  Developing Email Lists of Potential Backers
  •  Build Interest BEFORE We Launch
#2) Traffic Generation System:
  • Complete PR Management
  •  Go Viral On Social Media
  •  Targeted Facebook Ads
#3) Traffic Conversion System:
  • Crowdfunding Project Design
  •  Rewards Strategies For Backers/Investors
  •  Crowdfunding Video Services... And Much More!
Let’s chat about your idea, signup here for a FREE Funding Review session:
These Funding Review Calls are great. Here’s what we’ll cover in them:
We’ll have our team do a FREE funding review to find out if your idea is right for crowdfunding. We’ll even answer most of the common questions people have:
  • “How much is it going to cost me?”
  •  “Can my idea even be crowdfunded?”
  •  “How much can I raise from my idea?”
  •  “What marketing budget should I have?”
  •  “Is my idea a good fit for your program?”
On the call our team will research your target market, survey crowdfunders, and estimate the funding potential of your new idea, if you'd like us to.

If your idea looks good then we'll also make an offer to partner up and crowdfund it together! Even if we’re not a fit, we’ll happily point you in the right direction also. We look forward to speaking with you!

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